armin kraussMy name is Armin Krauss. I am the senior developer and system administrator of Encore Lab. My responsibilities include the planning, co-design, and creation of the technology needed to mount successful research runs with our partner schools. In addition, I am responsible for the creation and maintenance of the server infrastructure used for research, as well as, the setup and configuration of various devices used during research runs.

As an alumni of the iSchool @ UofT and the Critical Making lab I love to tinker with Arduinos and the Raspberry Pi. I enjoy creating physical objects that represent information and communicate over the Internet and was very pleased to be part of the Rock, Paper, Awesome! project (on Github).

Security and privacy are topics of interest to me and besides following news and feeds around these topics with rigour I work on the SurveillanceRights project creating a mobile app to document camera surveillance (code on Github). Moreover, I am a assurer with CaCert and if you want I can assure you and give you 35 points (you have to join CaCert first).

Most of my work is on these 3 Github pages (mine, Encore Lab, Educoder) and I sometimes post little blurbs about how I solved a tech problem or something interesting I found. Contact me at armin_dot_krauss_at_utoronto_dot_ca or follow me on Twitter.